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Membership Application

Thank you for taking time to consider membership to the Midwest Trauma Society (MTS). MTS was founded by the existing trauma centers in Kansas City in 1986. Over the past 26 years the organization has strived to promote trauma awareness, education and prevention. Currently MTS has over 25 members including institutions and individuals from multiple states. Membership may be done via the website or you may print off the membership brochure and mail it with your payment. If you have any questions please contact us

Online Membership Application

The Midwest Trauma Society (MTS) was formed with the goal of promoting high standards of care for trauma victims, to create public and professional awareness of trauma, to sponsor and carry our educational programs for trauma professionals and others to exchange information and ideas, and to support efforts of public education and prevention strategies of trauma as health care issues.


As a member of the MTS, there are certain privileges, whether the member is an individual or an institution. All members have reduced fees for the annual Midwest Trauma Conference held every year in May. Institutions that participate as members are involved in the various activities sponsored by the organization which contribute to the institutions involvement in trauma care and prevention in the community.

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